The Future of motoring, on the latest wheels.

Opinions are still very much divided on electric cars. But love them or hate them, they are definitely here to stay! Ask anyone to name an electric car and they’ll probably say Tesla. It’s really quite incredible what Elon Musk has done in a short space of time. A huge brand has been built in less than two decades, not just a car brand but a brand synonymous with tech. Teslas are becoming a common sight on the roads now and their drivers are looking at upgrades just like ICE car drivers do. Cars such as the Model 3 look so much better when lowered and the next step after this is usually to replace the wheels. Various Bola models are suitable for this car but the most popular is the FLC.

Bola FLC

The FLC features a ten spoke layout comprising of five pairs of slender spokes with the studs situated between them at the centre. This classic, slim design shows off what’s behind the wheel while achieving fantastic levels of lightness and style. Model 3 owners may choose to run a staggered setup with wider rear wheels. This not only looks good but gives a bit more grip with the option of a bit more tyre width.