6 cylinders, rear wheel drive, lots of fun!

The size of a 1 Series, the performance of a 3 Series. Few cars have such a hardcore following as the F20/21 BMW. With owners ranging from boy racers to trackday afficionados, this car is truly loved for being a wicked mix of a big engine in a small package. With the B58 engine producing big power and torque, putting it to the ground at the rear wheels certainly keeps the driver engaged!

This car is huge in the car modification community and there are many differing opinions on wheel setups. This particular customer wanted something sharp and aggressive so went with the modern mesh design of the Bola B17.

Bola B17

Bola B17 in Matt Bronze

The B17 is a modern interpretation of the classic mesh wheel design. With sharp, extruded edges on the slimline spokes and a contemporary look. It is a wheel that really does suit any car.

B17 in Crystal Silver