Superhot Hatch with unusual wheel size

It’s interesting to think that modern day hot hatches like the RS3 have similar levels of performance to supercars of 15 years ago. This just shows how quickly things progress in the automotive world. And this car progresses very quickly! With a turbocharged 2.5 litre engine and quattro four-wheel drive system this is a serious machine. The 8Y also features a torque splitter which distributes a maximum of 50 per cent of available torque between the two rear wheels and a new dynamic control system.

This car is quite unusual when it comes to wheel sizes. The fronts are wider than rears. This is due to the front axle being 33mm wider than the back. Standard wheels are 19×9 front and 19×8 rear. The car shown is wearing Bola B17s 19×9.5 front and 19×8.5 rear. This gives you the option of running wider wheels for a bit more grip.

Bola B17

B17 in Crystal Silver
B17 in Smoke