Which wheels for the newest Honda hot hatch?

The FL5 Type R was unveiled to the world a couple of months ago and it surprised many people with it’s styling. Gone are the sharp edges and numerous vents of the FK8, the FL5 looks a much more mature and subtle Type R, with smooth styling that harks back to the days of the old FD2 Type R.

This new iteration of an iconic model has a lot to live up to but judging from the figures it should deliver. The engine is the same as the previous model but has been upgraded to 320bhp and 400nm of torque. This means 0-60 should be around 5.4 seconds, almost half a second quicker than the outgoing model.

One important area where the FL5 has changed is in wheel size. We see a downsize from the 20s of the FK8 to 19 inch on the new model. This is likely to reduce unsprung weight and offer a better ride quality. The 20s of the previous model looked good but made for a pretty harsh ride. We saw many people with FK8s switching to 19s when they got aftermarket wheels for their cars.

If keeping the unsprung weight down is what you’re after then we certainly recommend the Bola B2R.

Bola B2R

A modern interpretation of the 5 spoke wheel design. The B2R uses flow form technology to achieve very light weight. The ever-classic five spoke configuration has been updated with a dramatic mix of concave and convex. This convex also makes for good brake clearance and ventilation of the braking system. A racy wheel for a racy car.