Lighter wheels on VW’s heavy hitter

The Golf 8 had a lot to live up to. With the Mk7 iteration of VW’s hugely popular model being a staple of the performance and modified car community, the Mk8 certainly has big shoes to fill. The GTI and R versions of the Golf are some of the best cars available for all-round practicality and performance and the newest editions are definitely up to the task. With 316bhp, four wheel drive and intelligent systems like torque vectoring making the R a car that is very easy to drive fast.

As is always the case, people can’t wait to start modifying these cars. Most start with the wheels. The standard VW rims are cast aluminium and weigh anything from 11-12kg. On this particular model our customer wanted a wheel that looked sharp but was also lighter than stock. He opted for the Bola FLB.

Bola FLB

Bola FLB in Gloss Gunmetal

The flow forged FLB is a sharp styled wheel with some fantastic details. It’s ten spokes have grooved cut-outs at the wheel centre and scalloped edges towards the edge of the rim. It’s lightweight construction saves over a kg per corner on the Golf 8 R. Importantly, this is unsprung weight which makes a difference in handling and driving dynamics.