Toyota’s tiny terror certainly packs a punch. But why change wheels?

When this car was released into the wild a couple of years ago the hype was massive. And it doesn’t seem to have faded away! Toyota scored a massive hit with this little machine. A true driver’s car which has proved massively popular the world over. The combination of a small hatchback, a small engine and a big turbo has caused quite a stir and anyone who has driven one will certainly know why. This car has just the right amount of power and grip to be massively fun and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

One of the only areas where a little extra is needed is on the track. Yes, it’s meant to be a rally car but you’ll find way more of these on racetracks than you will on dirt or gravel roads and that’s where the want for different wheels comes into play. We have many options for this car and many drivers like a little extra width for a little extra grip, so it is commonplace to go from the stock 18x8s at ET45 to 18×9.5s at ET43. This means you can run a 255/35/18 tyre and enjoy the extra grip on offer.

Here are a few of our wheel options for this car.

Bola FLE

The FLE is an aggressive split Y-spoke design with scalloped spokes and a sculpted web around the centre. This layout achieves clearance for even the largest of brake calipers while offering sharp and modern styling.

Bola FLE in Gloss Gunmetal

Bola B2R

The B2R is a modern-day update of the always classic 5 spoke wheel design. It achieves light weight due to it’s flow formed construction and the large gaps between the convexed and concaved spokes are perfect for showing off the GR’s big brakes.

Bola B2R in Hyper Black

Bola B10

The B10 is a very retro, flat-faced statement of a wheel. Something a little bit different and not for the shy! It looks wicked on the GR and complements it’s chunky, hunkered down styling. If looks are your priority then definitely consider this wheel.

Bola B10 in Gloss Gunmetal

Bola FLC

The FLC is another lightweight, flow formed wheel. Ten slimline spokes curve out from the wheel centre and straighten towards the rim. This makes for lots of negative space to show you the brakes. Weights are comparable to the GR’s original wheels.

Bola FLC in Crystal Silver

Bola FP2 Fully Forged

Finally. we introduce our lightest wheel, available in almost any configuration. The fully forged FP2 model is produced using industry leading machine technology and the finest material. These wheels don’t just look good, they are seriously light.

18x9s for the GR Yaris weigh in at just 7.8kg per wheel!