Photo courtesy of Javelin Trackdays

Open Top Racecar For The Road

If you’ve never seen one, let us introduce you.

The X-Bow is an open top racer developed by motorcycle company KTM in conjunction with KISKA, Dallara and Audi. With the latter supplying the 240bhp engine for this lightweight machine.

Owners of these cars usually buy them for trackday thrills but have also been known to use them on epic mountain road trips where the fantastic handling of the X-Bow can be fully enjoyed on the open roads.

One of the main goals of developing this car was keeping everything light. And since it’s inception in 2008 we have seen significant steps forward in many areas that support this, including wheels.

The owner of this car approached us looking to find seriously light wheels to complement this already svelte car. He is a trackday nut and loves pushing the car hard and using it the way it should be used.

There was only one choice.

The Fully Forged Bola FP2

The FP2 is at the cutting edge of automotive performance. Produced by using the highest quality materials and the latest machine technology. This wheel can be infinitely configured to suit any car.

Replacing the stock KTM wheels with fully forged 17×7.5 inch fronts and 18×9.5 inch rears saved 3.5kg per wheel on the X-Bow. This is unsprung weight, so the difference the weight saving makes is immediately noticeable in handling and performance. The hard wearing Satin Black finish both complements the car and takes the punishment of seriously high braking temperatures.

A formidable combination of car and wheels, ready to hit any track.

Photo courtesy of Javelin Trackdays