Tyre Insurance
Terms and conditions

This guarantee applies to any nankang nexen or altenzo tyre sold at turriff tyres ltd. excl for taxi, suv or commercial use.

the guarentee is valid until the tyre reaches 2mm of tread across the central 3/4 around the tyres circumference.

Work will only be carried out on production of the original receipt

Tyres are covered for suspected manufacturing faults and/or accidental damage.

any tyre that can be repaired within the limits of the current BSAU 159 “minor damage standard” will be repaired free of charge.

tyres with a suspected manufaturing fault or tyres irreparably damaged will be replaced at the following rates.

tread remaining
8mm and above – 100% allowance
below 8mm-6mm – 75% allowance
below 6mm-4mm – 50% allowance
below 4mm-2mm – 25% allowance
below 2mm – nil allowance

It is conditional for the application and maintence of this guarentee that a new tubeless valve is fitted and a corrective wheel balance carried out at the time of fitting, repair or replacement of the tyre. These services are chargeable

this guarentee is transferable with ownership of the vehicle.

Tyres that fail due to criminal or malicious damage, improper use, fire, theft, use in comeptitive sport, road accident, mechanical defect (such as incorrect alignment), repair by another garage, or incorrect tyre pressure are excluded from this guarentee.

this guarentee is invalid if the tyre is removed or repaired by any other company or indivdual