ECU Remapping

With our ECU Remapping capabilities you can take your car to the next level! Our maps are tailored to your car and can add up to 40% more power and efficiency. Enquire now to find out what your car is hiding…

Wheel Refurbishment

Your car covers a lot of miles in its lifetime, in all weather conditions and road surfaces. Over time your wheels become tired and lose that finish they looked so great in when they were brand new. To revive the showroom shine the wheels are dipped in acid to strip them back to the raw metal casting and then from there any repairs are done before painting, if required the face may be diamond cut in a lathe for a special polished finish.

Wheel Hardware

With so many car model/variants available on the market – wheel fitments have become somewhat a challenge¬†when trying to find what your car needs. We have all hardware available to assist with the mounting and fitment of you’r wheels.

Car Care

We know how much keeping you car clean and protected matters. We believe that AM Details has the best range of products on the market. Full range in stock!


We stock all battery types for your car.

Tyre Tubes

Inner tubes fitted and supplied for any size of tyre.


TPMS is an abbreviation for ‘Tyre Pressure Monitoring System’ – A sensor valve is fixed in each wheel which reads the air pressure inside each tyre and sends this to the cars on board computer, where the data is processed and actively watches for any signs of air leakage/punctures. The valves over time may develop a fault for many reasons, like any other electronic device. At Turriff tyres we can supply replacement valves, avoiding a costly visit to your local dealership. As of 1st January 2015, any car fitted with TPMS will automatically fail an MOT if a tyre pressure warning light is on.