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Turriff tyres is a local tyre fitting garage with 10,000 square foot of warehousing where we have wheels when you want them and if the right wheels aren’t there our sales team can source the wheels that are just right for you…
Whether enjoying our large premises and new showroom boasting 250+ new wheel designs or buying online from our online shop, sales staff are available 6 days a week with all the information you will need to know about your recently purchased set of wheels.

We offer many services and also an online shop.

Turriff Tyres is open for business hours from;
8-5, Monday to Friday
8-12, Saturday
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Our Shop.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Alloy Wheels

At Turriff Tyres we are a direct dealer for three alloy wheel brands consisting of Bola, 2Forge and Judd.
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Track Tyres

At Turriff Tyres we can supply tyres that are up to track specification such as Nankang AR1, Yokohama A048 and Toyo R888r to name a few in our product line.
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TPMS Sensors

At Turriff tyres we can supply replacement valves, avoiding a costly visit to your local dealership. As of 1st January 2015, any car fitted with TPMS will automatically fail an MOT if a tyre pressure warning light is on.
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Turriff Tyres can supply single phase 240v two post hydraulic ramps and mid-rise scissor lifts. These are supplied by Alphatek.
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Our services.

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Tyre Supply
and Puncture Repair

With tyres being the only point of contact between the driver and the road they are a vital part of the driving experience. With this said they become a paramount concern when ensuring your safety on the road. Choosing the correct tyre for you car is essential.
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3D Wheel Alignment

Commonly mixed up with the dated method of alignment usually referred to as ‘tracking’, where only the front wheels are aligned. Our state of the art new system is somewhat different. All four wheels are scanned at over 12 different angles ensuring they are all true to the car.
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Powerflow Stainless
Exhaust Systems

Turriff tyres fabricate exhausts for all vehicles. Whether it be for a long life replacement to a standard exhaust or for a race car, classic car or show car. Rather than buying a pre-built system why not tell us what you want from your exhaust!

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Wheel Straightening

With Aluminium being a relatively soft metal, alloy wheels under high load have a tendency to bend – rather than crack. As much as we would all like to avoid this, it does allow us the chance to bend them
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Brakes and Suspension Replacement

Here at Turriff Tyres we can supply a range of brakes including Brembo and Suspension including h&r and Eibach. Along with supply we also have a team that will fit them for you.
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Wheel Refurbishment

With covering a lot of miles in all weather conditions and road surfaces. Over time this can result in your wheels getting tires and losing the brand new finish.

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